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Summer of ’21: Movies, Shows, and Music Coming Soon

popcornCheck out the newest movies, albums, and shows that will be released this summer… [FULL ARTICLE]

Award Season

Award season is coming to a close, so let’s take a look back and celebrate the films, shows and music that got us through one of the toughest years. [FULL ARTICLE]

Looking Back: Stars We Said Goodbye To in 2020

Last year, we had to say farewell to some of the world’s biggest entertainment legends. From exceptional actors to brilliant musical artists, here we take a moment to remember some of their greatest accomplishments. . . [FULL ARTICLE]

What You Need to Know About Virtual Clubs

It’s safe to say that close to nothing this year is operating the way it has in the past. Columbia High School (CHS) clubs are no exception. CHS has an impressive list of clubs open to any student to join, but how do you get involved when meetings go virtual . . . [FULL ARTICLE]


Bisa Butler: An Inspiration, An Artist, and A Role Model

Screenshot 2021-01-04 190013Columbia High School’s (CHS) own beloved former art teacher, Bisa Butler, has excelled in her professional artistic career. She has been a beacon of hope to her former students, and inspired others to pursue their goals . . . [FULL ARTICLE]