Two Towns, One Lens

The What, How, and Why of the COVID-19 Vaccines

worry2As of June 2, 65% of Maplewood residents and 67% of South Orange residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. This puts the citizens of MAPSO at a higher vaccination rate than the New Jersey (51%) and national (46%) average. But why is that? [FULL ARTICLE]

Hidden Gems in MAPSO’s Treasure Trove

As a member of the Columbia High School (CHS) community, it is easy to lose oneself in the vibrant culture and atmosphere of the greater Maplewood-South Orange (MAPSO) area. One aspect that is especially captivating is MAPSO’s businesses. Like many smaller towns, these shops make up the heart and soul of the community and provide a great environment to meet new people. [FULL ARTICLE]

Melody of a Pandemic

Last March, Coronavirus (COVID-19), in its halting of the regular order of the world, pumped the brakes on almost every branch of the entertainment industry and forced actors, content creators and musicians alike to settle in for months of isolation. However, many artists both big and small did not let COVID-19’s chains hold them down. . . [FULL ARTICLE]

Postgraduate Plans: What Does “Success” Mean to CHS?

The United States was built on an ideal of meritocracy, the belief that individuals can rise in socioeconomic status based on their talent, skills and effort. In a utopian reality, this ideal would allow for boundless opportunities following high school. However, a large percentage of high school students do not have the privileges of wealth and whiteness needed for meritocracy to ring true in their decisions on what to do with their lives post-graduation. Columbia High School (CHS) is no exception. . . [FULL ARTICLE]

How’s It Going, CHS?


On Friday, March 13, 2020, with COVID-19 cases in New Jersey and around the world rising at a rapid rate, South Orange and Maplewood School District (SOMSD) Superintendent Dr. Ronald G. Taylor announced that SOMSD would be ceasing all in-person learning. Some in the community expected the district-mandated distanced learning to last longer than the two weeks it was originally planned to be, like Tommy Coutinho, ‘21, who “knew that [school] would be [online] for at least a couple months.” . . . [FULL ARTICLE]

The Small Business Economy: Support Through Hardship

“For as long as I can remember, small businesses have characterized downtown [Maplewood-South Orange (MAPSO)]. Going to locally-owned stores was a huge part of my life as a kid in the village. We were friends with business owners and their families, and it was important to all of us to support them and build a community that celebrated what they were doing,” said Maggie Kraus, a Maplewood resident that graduated Columbia High School (CHS) in 2008 . . . [FULL ARTICLE]