Carbon Emissions Aren’t Trendy

Have you ever felt the urge to wear a different outfit than the one you wore last week? Have you bought a piece of clothing over another because it was lower in price, or bought a new piece because it was “trending”? If yes, you may be a culprit of fast fashion, also known as mass production of clothing at a very low cost. [FULL ARTICLE]

The Magnetism of Influencer Drama

In the age of social media, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok “celebrities” are showing up left and right. With their newfound fame, many popular social media influencers get into scandals due to drama surrounding their personal lives. Thousands of videos, Tweets, and posts have circulated the internet about relationships between TikTok stars, problematic actions of Youtubers, and photoshopped Instagram models. [FULL ARTICLE]

SAD in the Winter, and not in the Spring?

When fall and winter rolls around, clouds of gloom rests on Columbia High School (CHS) students. Oftentimes in the colder months people feel sluggish, low on energy, and fatigued, however, is there a rooted meaning to this? These symptoms may be a sign of seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD)…. [FULL ARTICLE]

The Back to School Dilemma

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a number of issues worldwide, but in the South Orange-Maplewood School District (SOMSD), a main concern of the virus is when in-person learning will resume. Since March 13, 2020, when SOMSD schools shifted into virtual learning that was supposed to only elapse for two weeks, most students, teachers, parents and faculty have asked the essential question: “When are we going back?” [FULL ARTICLE]

The Takeover of Social Media

Prior to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, social media was a place for people to flaunt their daily activities, selfies, and whereabouts. Now, after months in isolation and limited human interaction, the media has become an outlet for people to maintain sanity and connectivity with the world. Social media has become an escape from boredom and a vital source of information. . . [FULL ARTICLE]

The Importance of Black History Month

There is only a 28 (sometimes 29) day period where Black people in the United States (US) are openly celebrated. February is formally recognized as “Black History Month,” when the societal contributions, athletic achievements and historical significance of black people in America are acknowledged and spoken on. But people, especially those who are not identified as being of Black descent, fail to recognize the true importance of this time for everyone. . . [FULL ARTICLE]

3.89 Percent

As a Korean girl growing up in a ‘stigma free zone’, a town ‘so diverse’ that it is solely branded as such, a town that trains its residents to believe racism, xenophobia and discrimination don’t exist because we are ‘woke’ and ‘educated’, I’ve experienced my fair share of racism, stereotyping and hate. . . [FULL COLUMN]

The Duality of the Asian Model Minority

At first glance, there seems to be a privilege to being a model minority. To a certain degree, I felt my Asian identity gave me a pass in most situations. At Columbia High School (CHS), I could stride through the hallways during Period nine, never once to be stopped by an administrator with the accusative question “where is your pass?” [FULL COLUMN]


High school is an open path to exploration and discovery for teenagers. Teens are confronted with the task of finding their true selves while navigating hormones, the stress of school, friends and work, as well as facing peer pressure. Through the midst of all of this, high school students are also presented with drugs… [FULL ARTICLE]

Online School: Pass or Fail?

Online learning has become the new reality of education since the coronavirus (COVID-19) started to make its way around the world in December 2019. There was much uncertainty regarding what COVID-19 would become, and what it would affect. Parents were concerned for the safety of their family, fearing that the virus could spread through school and reach vulnerable students and their family members… [FULL ARTICLE]