Why Sports Matter

Sports matter. From the first time two people squared off to see who could throw the furthest or run the fastest, to modern day team activities, people have been playing sports or watching others play sports foreverWhether you are a passionate fan or have zero interest, the fact is that enthusiasm for “sports” is a fundamental part of being human. 

Hit the Gym with CHS

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has led many people to pursue activities and hobbies they are passionate about. Whether it’s quitting the repetitive 9-5 job, starting a jewelry business, or spending more time being active, almost everyone began or continued to craft their niche. Arguably, the most popular activity during COVID-19 is exercise, as people have more time on their hands and dedicate more time and energy to staying in shape. [FULL ARTICLE]

How the Olympic Games Made History During COVID-19

The 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed for an entire year due to COVID-19,  changing a schedule that had been strict for all years prior and only changed due to war. Athletes who have been training hard have had to put their work on hold, revenue from the event has been reallocated and many upset fans were told to be patient…. [FULL ARTICLE]

CHS to The Olympics: A Journey of Success and Struggles

It’s no secret that Columbia High School (CHS) is a powerhouse of talented athletes. Dating back multiple decades, many CHS athlete alumni have prospered in their careers and been role models to current students. This is especially true in CHS’s fencing program, where alumna Ibtihaj Muhammad worked her way to becoming an olympian, and Zander Rhodes, ‘21, is doing the same. [FULL ARTICLE]

Female Figures

Women have been influential sports figures since the days of Kathrine Switzer, Gertrude Erdele and Billie Jean King. These women, and those that followed, have acted as role models, and have motivated more female athletes to defy societal norms. Recently, that has taken its largest form with Sarah Fuller. . . [FULL ARTICLE]

Inside the Sports Budget at CHS

Excluding staff salaries and field maintenance, Columbia High School (CHS) spends approximately $885,550 to support team sports, according to district budget documents. This includes 25 different sports, which when broken down by level (varsity, freshman, junior varsity) totals 45 distinct teams, plus cheer and marching band. So, where does the money go? [FULL ARTICLE]

Hank Aaron’s Impact

The impact that the late Hank Aaron had on the game of baseball as well as American culture can not be overstated. For 33 years, Aaron held American sports’ “most prized record” as the home run champion, surpassing the legendary Babe Ruth, whose record stood for 40 years prior. [FULL ARTICLE]

Fall Sports Recap

In the most unprecedented season high school sports have seen, here is a recap of how each one of Columbia High School’s (CHS) fall teams performed . . . [FULL ARTICLE]


With hopes of continuing their athletic careers in college, high school students have been forced to persevere through cancelled college visits, sports seasons, and showcases to achieve their goals. A few Columbia High School (CHS) students in particular have found new and unique ways to showcase their skills in the age of coronavirus, and continue their athletic careers at the next level . . . [FULL ARTICLE]